Join us Sundays at 10:15 am.


Sunday School for Children

NURSERY (Birth - 18 months)
Room 112
Teachers: David & Donna Hill, Brent & Lisa Grice

We seek to provide a safe environment for our smallest members.  As they experience God's love through play, song, and rest when needed!  

TODDLERS (AGES 18 months - 2 years)
Room 106
Teacher: Sherry Teague

Theme: God's Son

This quarter covers the birth and early years of Jesus.  The students will learn how to "sight read" the word 'JESUS' during this quarter using different activities and teaching methods. The Bible stories will begin with John's birth in Luke chapter one and continue on through an angel's visit and Jesus' birth. 


Room 114
Teachers:  Ellen Deese & Julie Jessen 

Theme:  God's Son

Stories:  The wise men traveled to find the Christ child. Jesus grew in to manhood and preformed many miracles. The children will be taught that Jesus cares for His chidlren and forgives their sins.  They will learn that they can follow Jesus by trusting, loving and obeying Him. 


Room 10
Teacher: Taylor Mundy & Amanda Huss

Theme:  Knowing Jesus 

Our children will be studying the life of Jesus.  The first unit of study, "The Coming of the Promised Savior," begins with John the Baptist.  God kept His promise to His people when He sent the prophet to prepare the way of the Lord.  They will learn that Jesus grew from infancy to manhood and that God was with Him in a special way.  The quarter will conclude with "Believing in the Power of God's Son".  Jesus has the power to GIVE LIFE! 

Rooms 18
Teacher: Stacey Hall & Lauren Henderson

Theme: God's Design for Worship 

Our students will study the tabernacle and what it means for God's people to live in His holy presence and worship Him.  God has commands and one of them is that His presence will be central in our worship.  We will show through the Old Testament that all people are guilty before God and need a Savior to pay for their sins.  Because we have this Savior, we are able to worship and serve the true Christ and welcome His love and mercy.