Join us Sundays at 10:15 am.


Sunday School for Adults

20 SOMETHINGS (anyone post high school to 29)

Room 11

Teacher: Joel Jessen

Theme: Philippians

To live is Christ and to die is gain!  What does it mean to be a mature Christian?  How do true joy and Christ's love help us live a life of purpose?  


Room 119

Teachers: Chuck Jessen

Theme: Joy in an Anxious Age - A Study in Philippians 

What does Paul tell the Philippians and us about having joy in the anxieties of the age in which we live?  Come and learn! 


Activity Building

Teachers: Chris Baker, Kevin Rhyne, Ronnie Smith

Theme: Focused Faith:  A Men's Bible Study, Letter of Philippians

This study based on the life of the apostle Paul, gives insight on a life every man can live by God's grace when he focuses in on Christ.


Founders Hall

Teacher: Ron Ensley, Rick Herd, Jimmie and Martha Sue Mitchell

Theme: I Am a Church Member & Heroes of the Faith 

What is expected of thsoe who join a body of believers?  Biblical, simple and practical, this study will help us discover the attitude that makes a difference in our church membership. Then:  Heroes, we will meet some heroes of the faith, both past and present, and learn their stories.



Room 12

Teacher: Dan King

Theme: I Am a Church Member

This study will explore the attitudes and commitments which will lead church members to consistent, biblical and healthy participation in the body of believers. 


Room 15

Teachers: Suzy Deneen, Teresa Neely, Sherry Wagstaff, Cathy Rhyne

Theme: The New Eve:  Choosing God's Best for Your Life

A study of this book by Robert Lewis gives women of all ages a picture of what God intended for them from the beginning by looking at God's design for women as revealed in Scripture for wisdom, insight, and direction. 


Conference Room

Teachers: Don Hensley, Robert Rhyne

Theme: Gospel of John

The Open Bible class will continue working their way through the book of John - chapter by chapter, verse by verse.  Come learn with them. 


Room 13

Teachers: Not being offered at this time. 


Topics rotate. 


Room – Parlor 

Teachers: Ministry Leaders

Theme: Introduction to First Presbyterian

This class is designed for those may be considering membership or who would simply like to know more about First Presbyterian and the Presbyterian Church in America.