Join us Sundays at 10:15 am.


Sunday School for Adults

20 SOMETHINGS (anyone post high school to 29)

Room 11

Teacher: Joel Jessen

Theme: Attributes of God 

Christians are called to be in a relationship with God.  In order to grow in that relationship, we need to have a better understanding of who He is and what He is like.  This class will look through the Scriptures to better understand and delight in the glory of God. 


Room 119

Teacher: Chuck Jessen

Theme: The Book of Jonah 

The next quarter for the Bible Class will be a study on "The Prodigal Prophet:  Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy" using as a resource the Tim Keller book by that title.  "An angry prophet.  A feared and loathsome enemy.  A devastating storm....and a merciful God."


Activity Building

Teachers: Ronnie Smith & Scott Deneen 

Theme: Galatians w/ Joni Erickson Tada

The Galatians had enjoyed the incredible freedom that Jesus gives us.  However, "religious" people had joined the Galatian fellowship, claiming to have deeper knowledge from the ancient Scriptures, claiming to have a bigger picture than the simple good news that they had heard. 


Founders Hall

Teachers: Ron Ensley, Rick Herd, Jimmie and Martha Sue Mitchell

Theme: Gospel of John 

Join us as we study the Gospel of John - the marvelous facts of Christ's life, death, and resurrection; stories of God's grace in the lives of ordinary people; reminders of how God is working in our own lives. 



Room 12

Teacher: Dan King

Theme: The Gospel of Mark 

This careful study of the Gospel of Mark will be guided by Timothy Keller's book King's Cross which the class will read together.  At a time when interest in Jesus has never been higher, Dr. Keller takes a deep and thought-provoking look at the life of Christ.  The class will discover how Jesus' identity as king and his purpose in dying on the cross have meaning and signficance not only for us as individuals but also on a cosmic scale. 


Room 15

Teachers: Suzy Deneen, Teresa Neely, Sherry Wagstaff, Cathy Rhyne

Theme: Wednesday's Word w/ Paul Tripp 

Paul Tripp is a pastor, event speaker and best selling author whose driving passion is to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life.  In his weekly devotional that you can receive in your e-mail inbox, he gives thoughtful teaching on a variety of ways to make this connection in your own life.  The class will use the devotionals and discussion questions provided to probe more deeply and consider how we can bridge the gap between Biblical truth and the circumstances we experience daily.  


Conference Room

Teachers: Don Hensley, Robert Rhyne

Theme: Gospel of John

The Open Bible class will continue working their way through the book of John - chapter by chapter, verse by verse.  Come learn with them. 


Room 13

Teachers: Steve Jessen and other Ministry Leaders

Theme: Introduction to First Presbyterian 

January 20 - February 26.  This class is designed for those who may be considering membership or who would simply like to know more about First Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in America.  

NEWCOMERS (Offered as needed)

Room – Parlor 

Teachers: Pastor Steve & other ministry leaders 

Theme: Introduction to First Presbyterian

This class is designed for those may be considering membership or who would simply like to know more about First Presbyterian and the Presbyterian Church in America.