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Officer Nomination Month

Dear Friends,

August is Officer nomination month here at First Presbyterian, so I’d like you to join me in prayer as we ask God to raise up Spirit-led, Gospel-saturated, Christ-following, pure-in-heart, humble-in-spirit, loving men of faith to lead us. God has richly blessed us with such men in the past and my confident prayer is that He will continue to do so in the future.

God has used elders to lead His people since the days of Moses (see Exodus 3:16-18), so for almost 3,500 years God has guided, instructed, trained, preserved, and protected His people through the human instrumentation of elders.

The office of Deacon was introduced into the early church so that the Apostles and elders could contin- ue the spiritual ministry of the Word and prayer free from trying to meet the daily physical needs of the people (Acts 6:1-7). Together the Elders and Deacons would provide for both the spiritual and physical needs of God’s people so that in the totality of their being, body and soul, God’s people would be nourished. (We continue to experience God’s blessing through this manner even in the church today!) God is good.

Therefore, since God still employs this system to bless His church, what practical steps can we take in the process?

  1. pray regularly and boldly for God to make clear His chosen servants
  2. use 1 Timothy 3:1-10 and Titus 1:6-9 as God’s “measuring stick” to “see” qualified men.
  3. ask those men who meet God’s criteria to serve prior to August 21st
  4. if you are asked to serve, please pray diligently for God’s guidance as well as seek the counsel of other Godly people to hear their wisdom
  5. give God glory for His ongoing blessing of His church in this place

All glory to God,

Pastor Scott