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A “crystal sea” experience

During our Missions Conference, Paul Clark mentioned having a “crystal sea” experience – a time when everything changed and he could no longer be the same. It came when a mob approached his boyhood home in Peru and was threatening to kill he and his family due to their Christian convictions. God intervened mysteriously to preserve them and Paul gave his life to Christ thereafter.

All those who have been delivered by God have a “crystal sea” experience. Maybe the scenario isn’t as dramatic as Paul’s but the clarity and understanding of God’s grace still transforms the heart and mind completely. (How can you have an encounter with Almighty God and not come out completely changed forever?)

One of the most amazing truths we can grasp is that when we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people, we are offering them a “crystal sea” experience. opportunity to gaze upon the beauty and splendor of God in Christ, to behold Him in His sovereign power and delivering grace, to peer into Heaven to behold wonders beyond our imagination, to look upon the face of the Creator.

As a church we have the glorious privilege of purposefully pursuing others with the Gospel message – both personally and corporately... telling others about God’s saving work through Jesus Christ. It can be over coffee or a meal, through a SOAR Finale talk, from the pulpit, or via missionaries we support.

What a great opportunity and privilege. What a blessed joy to offer Jesus Christ to a friend, neighbor, outcast, enemy, down-and-out, or forsaken so that they, too, like us, can be changed by the grace of God.

God’s rich blessings to each of you,